May 11, 2022

Ultimate Work From Home Programming Setup

When COVID-19 first broke out, it forced a huge shift within the workplace; the sole thanks to survive as a business was to possess employees work from home. And it looks like work from home policies are here to remain , a minimum of within the tech industry. the corporate I work for less than had an “as needed” work from home policy before the pandemic, but now we’ll have an choice to work from home full time, even after the office reopens, an option which i feel many will cash in of.

So, since we’re getting to be performing from home for the foreseeable future, i made a decision to upgrade my headquarters setup. I’ll take you thru each bit of hardware, and why i prefer it for programming.


Monitors are arguably the foremost important pieces of hardware during a programmer’s headquarters . As a programmer , I usually got to have tons of applications open directly , so maximizing screen land was my main objective when selecting monitors.

My main monitor may be a 49″ Samsung CHG90 QLED 1080P Curved Super Ultrawide 32:9 Gaming Monitor on it’s stock stand. it’d seem excessive, but it’s a very incredible experience for programming. Typically, i exploit the proper two-thirds of the monitor for my IDE, and that i can fit 2–3 open code editors side by side, and therefore the left one-third is for my browser , running the online app I’m performing on . The one caveat is that native window management doesn’t handle this alright , so i exploit a third-party window management software called Divvy, which allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to snap windows to user defined areas of the screen.

My secondary monitor may be a 24″ ViewSonic 1440P VX2478 series, mounted vertically (portrait mode) on a VIVO Single Monitor Desk Mount. I even have this monitor mounted on the left side of my desk, and use it almost exclusively for Slack. It’s great to be ready to see tons of the previous messages in portrait mode, and it keeps slack out of my way on my main monitors.

My final monitor may be a 35″ Sceptre C355W-3440UN 1440P Curved Ultrawide mounted above my main monitor on a VIVO Single Monitor Extra Tall Desk Mount. It’s an excellent , affordable ultrawide option that competes with far more expensive models from other manufacturers like LG or Dell. If you aare looking for more then checkout Best 4K Monitor for Programming .

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